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Lather up: Discover the Wash Project

Hello and welcome to the Spring 2019 issue of — the magazine of our Health & Wellness company, Meet Me at Your Well:

Our mission is to bring health and wellness to every body. To that end, we put Your Well on Wheels in 2019 and began bringing pop-up yoga, dance, meditation and mindfulness classes, lunch & learns and workshops to organizations ranging from restaurants, coffee shops and children’s stores, to corporations, hotels, events, schools, nursing homes, and private homes, too. Not only do we hope to make more people more bendy, our goal is to help our growing community be flexible in all areas of their lives.

The back story: I came up with this concept in 2016 as I was completing my 200-hour Kundalini Yoga Teacher training at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health. This incredibly healing practice that in addition to movement exercises (called Kriyas) includes mudras, mantras, and meditations inspired me to create a community of teachers and students around the world to share all sorts of healing health and wellness practices and especially take it to those who are less likely to seek out such work on their own.

The vision: If we can bring this work to more people, help them feel more ease in their bodies and their lives, perhaps we could all bring more ease to the world.

The question: If we all embraced this idea and approach, how would the world become a kinder, gentler place for every body?

The work: With that goal in mind, on this first day of Spring 2019 my team and I have turned — the business magazine that I founded in 2010 for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs — into the publication you are reading today.

The hope: In each issue, you’ll find articles that will connect you to your Mind, Body, Spirit, Soul, and Heart. You’ll also find a cover story featuring a person, organization, event, or idea that we hope will inspire you to think bigger, open your heart more, and be the best version of yourself.

Case in point: Barclay Martin’s Wash Project. I sat in the audience at the TEDxYouth conference in Kansas City as he delivered the speech you can view in the video posted above. As you watch it, I think you’ll be equally in awe of Barklay’s vision and the acts of kindness from all involved that brought this remarkable program to life. 

The next step: My team and I invite you to let me us know what you think! We also want to know about additional Inkandescent™ stories that we need to publish in our Health & Wellness magazine. Send an email, or give us a call: 703-346-6975. 

Wishing you love, joy, and peace! — Hope Katz Gibbs, founder, The Inkandescent™ Group, LLC

Lather up: Discover the Wash Project

By Barclay Martin
[email protected]

Imagine you’re in a typical suburb, and one morning you spot 30 young people, from another country, wearing matching t-shirts and walking into your subdivision. One approaches you and says, “I can see how you’re struggling. 

Every Saturday, you take this machine, push it back and forth over your grass, only to find the grass has come back the following week. Now, our time is short, and we must return home tomorrow, but today my friends and I are pleased to bring you a solution from our country, which is why we are presenting you and each house in this subdivision their very own…goat. 

But before you say anything, just know that we are pleased to help our fellow human beings, and we have received far more than we have given from this trip. And as you stand on your front step, watching goats running wild through the col de sac, imagine what you would say?